Website maintenance updates, upgrades, installations and fixes

We all need to do a bit of spring cleaning every now and then, the same goes for your website too. If you already have a website to make the most of it you need to keep it up to date to allow your potential customers to always have access to your latest information and details of any current offers and promotions.

If you can do this yourself, great! But maybe you are too busy or maybe you just don’t want to start messing around with your website. I will save you heaps of time and effort by offering website maintenance updates and content update services either as a one off or as a regular, perhaps monthly, service.

Do you have a dynamic website, like one built with WordPress for example? I will also give your website a quick health check and ensure your website software is up to date with all the latest upgrades and fixes. It’s really important to keep these things up to date for your own security, it’s also a really boring and often technical job to do, so why not spare yourself the misery?

Need to install a web application but don’t know how? Is something on your website is broken? A link not working or photo not showing up? If your website doesn’t work quite how you would like it to, I can quickly perform installations, little fixes, repairs, optimisations and tweaks usually annoyances and bugs can be resolved in a just a few hours work. So for updates, quick fixes, troubleshooting, optimisations or enhancements, just get in touch!